Review: Outwitting Trolls by William G. Tapply

Just hours after Boston lawyer Brady Coyne meets an old friend, Ken Nichols, for drinks, that old friend is dead -– and Ken’s ex-wife wife Sharon is the number one suspect.

Ken was in town for a veterinarian’s convention and was stabbed to death in his Boston hotel room. Sharon found his body when she went to the hotel room for a liaison – a possible first step in reconciliation. Brady agrees to represent Sharon, who is subjected to increasingly hostile questioning by Massachusetts State Police. Brady also feels obligated to do some investigating of his own when it’s apparent police believe they have their perpetrator in his client.

Outwitting Trolls is vintage William Tapply – the last book he finished before he died in 2009. I’ve been reading Brady Coyne mysteries for almost three decades and will miss Mr. Tapply’s solid writing and great storytelling. He a master of the mystery genre who didn’t have to resort to gratuitious violence and could convey his hero’s tough-guy credentials without too much coarse language.

Brady Coyne is a tough-guy hero who has a soft side that makes him appealing to women readers. There’s just enough love interest to satisfy readers who like a little romance with their mysteries – but not too much for readers like me who don’t. I’ll miss Brady and his creator.

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Outwitting Trolls, 2010

(With the late Philip R. Craig)
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